Tworzymy erpegi, które zachwycają graczy na całym świecie.

Lighting Artist

  • Create dramatic and compelling lighting that supports photorealistic rendering.
  • Deconstruct lighting and textures in a physically based renderer to establish appropriate color correct values.
  • Keep artistic style consistent with defined visual style for the game.
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Sound Designer

  • Creating sound effects and audio assets utilizing pre-recorded Sound Library materials as well as audio synthesis, location recording, and Foley recording.
  • Integrating audio content into the game using Wwise, scripting, and other in-house tools and software.
  • Working closely with other teams to ensure created audio contributes to and enhances the gameplay and game narrative.
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Tech QA Tester

  • Zapewnienie jakości oraz weryfikacja nowo powstałych elementów gry.
  • Ścisła współpraca z programistami i artystami technicznymi.
  • Zgłaszanie i weryfikacja błędów powstałych w kodzie, wyszukanie źródła problemu.
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VFX Artist

  • Creating high quality real-time visual FX for characters, environments and gameplay.
  • Optimizing visual effects for performance while maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Maintaining the production pipeline and meeting deadlines.
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